2.5mm,3mm,4mm,6mm Nylon(PA) Single or Double Twine Braided Net

Product Type: Nylon Braided Net           
Material: 100% Virgin Nylon
Style: Multifilament
Function: Trawl net, Codend and so on    

Nylon Braided netting has been a traditional product in the fishing industry for several decades.
These nets are manufactured with high tenacity Nylon 6 yarns, thermofixed and stabilized.
All of our netting is treated in autoclave to stabilize and prevent shrinkage.
Nylon nets can be bonded or not, depending on the application and customers needs.
We have two types of constructions for our Nylon Braided netting:
“Soft” construction – used on the Trawl body
“Hard” construction – used on the lower panels and codends.
"Soft" construction

Diameter (mm) Runnage (m/kg) Breaking Strength (kgf)
1,5 598 106
2,0 294 213
3,0 197 315
4,0 146 412
5,0 116 491
6,0 93 618
6,5 79 712
7,0 66 788
8,0 62 1038

"Hard" construction
Diameter (mm) Runnage (m/kg) Breaking Strength (kgf)
2,0 385 158
2,3 277 207
2,5 182 301
3,0 123 376
3,5 108 501
4,0 84 586
4,5 79 679
5,0 63 734
6,0 57 952
8,0 38 1341
10 31 1459
Figures shown are for guidance purposes only, Xinhai Net cannot be held liable for deviations. We reserve the right to change them without prior notice.

We can supply you all kinds of knotted and knotless net, including PE, Nylon, Polyester, PP. The nets are fishing net, sport net, anti-bird net, trawl net, purse seine net, net cage and so on. If you have this kind of needs, we will satisfy you as best as we can.
Polyethylene Knotted Multifilament Fishing Net
1. Thickness:2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 6mm or AS your requirements;
2. Mesh Size: 11.5cm,16cm or as your requirements;
3. Depth: 10MD to 1000MD (MD=Mesh Depth) or as your requirements;
4. Length: 10m to 1000m or as your requirements;
5. Knot: Single Knot(S/K) or Double Knots(D/K);
6. Selvage: SSTB or DSTB;
7. Color: Transparent, white, black, orange, red and colorful;
8. Stretching way: Length way stretched or depth way stretched;
The above data is just for your reference, we can supply you the fishing nets as your requirements;
Sample: if you need only a piece of it, it is free;
If you have any interest, please contact me—sales@xinhaicorp.com;
Package: PE bag or as your requirements;
30 days after confirming your deposit;