High density polyethylene Raschel knotless netting

Type Twine diameter/number of strands Mesh size Breaking strength Application
polyethylene knotless netting
250 d - 380 d / 4 - 1200
6mm-2000mm By high tensile 250 D, 250 D Gao Ren polyethylene monofilament, fracture strength of 7.5 g/D For fresh water aquaculture, building network guardrail, safety nets, vegetables, sun-shade net, ocean with wai trawl (triangle HuWang), etc

Product summary:
1 Using 250D - 380D high strength and high toughness polyethylene monofilament, fracture toughness 7.5g/D
2 Mesh size stability, smooth surface not to hurt the fish body, the opening degree of big, mesh for their light weight of unit area
3 Cable specifications 250D - 380D /4-12



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