250D,210D,190D,110D/3-150ply Polyester Knotted Fishing Net
Product Type: Polyester Knotted Net         
Material: 100% Virgin Polyester
Style: Monofilament
Function: Fish Breeding, Fish Catching, Anti-bird, and so on    

We can supply you all kinds of knotted and knotless net, including PE, Nylon, Polyester, PP. The nets are fishing net, sport net, anti-bird net, trawl net, purse seine net, net cage and so on. If you have this kind of needs, we will satisfy you as best as we can.
Nylon Knotted Multifilament Fishing Net
1. Thickness:110D/3ply-up, 190D/3ply-up, 210D/3ply-up or AS your requirements;
2. Mesh Size: 10mm to 700mm;
3. Depth: 10MD to 1000MD (MD=Mesh Depth) or as your requirements;
4. Length: 10m to 1000m or as your requirements;
5. Knot: Single Knot(S/K) or Double Knots (D/K);
6. Selvage: SSTB or DSTB;
7. Color: Transparent, white, black, orange, red and colorful;
8. Stretching way: Length way stretched or depth way stretched;
The above data is just for your reference, we can supply you the fishing nets as your requirements;

If you have any interest, please contact me--sales@xinhaicorp.com;
Package: PE bag or as your requirements;
30 days after confirming your deposit;