3-strand or 4-strand
 Packing Pattern:coils,hanks
 Size: Φ4-50mm

Our Advantage:
 1. 100% manufacturer
 2. 100% new raw material
 3. Quality management system complies with ISO9001-2008
 4. Professional technical support provided before and after purchase
Our Service:
 Our professional sales and customer services answer your

questions before purchase:
  • Customised nets
  • Technical  data
  • Competitive quotation
  • Exclusive machine only for your order
  • 24/7 order following

Rope product Process

We can supply you all kinds of knotted and knotless net, including PE, Nylon, Polyester, PP. The nets are fishing net, sport net, anti-bird net and so on. If you have this kind of needs, we will satisfy you as best as we can.
E-mail: sales@xinhaicorp.com