Fingerling Net Cage or Hapa Net Cage

Product Type:Net Cage
Type: 100% HDPE or PE
Style: Multifilament
Knot Type:Knotless
We can supply you all kinds of knotted and knotless net, including PE, Nylon, Polyester, PP. The nets are fishing net, sport net, anti-bird net and so on. If you have this kind of needs, we will satisfy you as best as we can.
Fingerling Net Cage or Hapa Net Cage
1. Material: 100% HDPE or PE Material.
2. Thickness:380D/3ply-up, 250D/3ply-up or AS your requirements
3. Mesh Size: 5mm to 40mm.
4.5M*5M*5M,10M*5M*3M or as your requirement;
6. Selvage: SSTB or DSTB
7. Colour: Green, white and Black
8. Stretching way: Length way stretched or depth way stretched
The above data is just for your reference, we can supply you the fishing nets as your requirements.
Sample: if you need only a piece of it, it is free;
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