HDPE Square Floating Net cage for Fish Breeding

Product Type: Net Cage Type: PE multifilament fishing net Plastic Type: PE
Style: Multifilament Knot Type: Knotted Thickness: 380D/6,9--150 or as request
Certification: ISO9001:2008 Length: 6M Mesh Size: 30MM
Depth: 4M Place of Origin: Hunan China (Mainland) Brand Name: Xinhai
Function: Fish Breeding

The advantage of our factories:
1: Abundant raw materials suppliers provides us flexible solutions for different customers in different markets. Take the strength for example, we could supply the strength up to 8G/D upon our customers’ request. Since our partner of raw materiasl factory is one of the best here in china, which keeps very stable quality.
2: Advanced fishing nets machines and technical know-how from japan and korea allows us to offer stable and efficient procutions of nets
3: Complete treatments including lengthaway and depthaway stretching
4: Our own dying factory makes us control the cost strictly and could compete with the rest of china manufacturers and we’re using the high quality chemicals to treat the polyester nets, which the whitness and lightness are much better than the other factories.
5: Most of our proficient workers and experienced management staff are from the past biggest fishing net factory. They have abundant experience in management and controlling the production, which helps us establish a strict quality control system to guarantee a stable and consistent quality.
If you are interested in HDPE Floating net cage, please contact me throght sales@xinhaicorp.com;