Single-ship (double-shipe) bottom trawl of large meshes
Mesh size Specification Knitting craft Application Feature
1-5m 200-500m circumference of net opening Hand crafted & machine crafted  For catching bottom fishes such as Hairtail,Pacific Mackerl,Spanish Mackerel & Sparidae etc. It has a less sweeping are & more energy dissipation than that of bottom trawl of large meshes but it is easier to be used
6-20m        200-1200M           Hand crafted & machine crafted Hand crafted & machine crafted It has large sweeping are & low energy dissipation,fit to be used in deep water & possess a high efficiency when used to catch a school of fish

Single-ship (double-shipe) bottom of small meshes
Mesh size Specification  Knitting craft  Application  Feature
Less than 1m         50-200M circumeference of net opening 50-200m Mainly machine crafted For catching cephalopods(octopus),moray eels and shrimps,etc. It has a simple structure and is easy to be used

Single-ship (double-shipe) midwater trawl
Mesh size Specification  Knitting craft  Application  Feature
8-20m         400-1200m circumference of net opening 400-1200m Hand crafted & machine crafted For catching scads,spanish mackerel & other pelagic fishes It has a large sweeping are & low energy dissipation; it may be towed at speed but is comparatively difficult to be used

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Knotted Net Process

Knotless Net Process

 We can supply you all kinds of knotted and knotless net, including PE, Nylon, Polyester, PP. The nets are fishing net, sport net, anti-bird net and so on. If you have this kind of needs, we will satisfy you as best as we can.
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