UHMWPE Ropes Produced by Xinhai Net Industry Co., Ltd. Put On To The Market

Xinhai Net Industry Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research for UHMWPE Ropes production since 2011, elite engineers and huge amount of fund were put into the research to find solutions for production of UHMWPE nets and ropes. With long-term study and experiments, on Oct. 2013, UHMWPE Ropes were confirmed to succeed in commercial production, we are now able to produce 12 strand and 16 strand UHMWPE ropes, diameter from 6mm to 96mm; the breaking strength of rope Tp≥14 ton; Benzodiazepines, acylamino, hydrocarbon excluded, makes the rope waterproof, chemical resistance, uvioresistant, acid and alkali resistance.

We purchase the best new raw material of UHMWPE for our production, our UHMWPE 12 strand rope has been put into production, supplied to many customers from domestic and abroad. Our UHMWPE rope receive good comments from them for its high quality and competitive price.