Xinhai Attend BISFE 2013 as an Exhibitor
Busan Int'l Seafood & Fisheries Expo (BISFE) takes place from Nov 21 to 23, 2013, is Korea's Largest International Trade Fair.  BISFE 2013 has provided marine concerned business people and general visitor new seafood and fisheries related items, products, technology as well as marine business trend and information to pave a new open path of marine business. There is a quality marine business not only Korea's major buyers but also overseas buyers coming from around 30 countries.BISFE is the largest trade show specializing in the fishing industry, with about 270 companies and organizations from 25 countries taking part. Busan is a hub city of the fisheries and ocean-related businesses, thanks to its outstanding infrastructure and the balanced development of its seafood, fisheries equipment, and marine bio industries.
Take part in BISFE is a perfect occasion for Xinhai to taking a look at the latest trends in the global fishing industry. This is a good opportunity to connects the Pacific Rim with Eurasia but also the  fisheries and ocean field combined with outstanding intrastructure for seafood, fishery equipment and marine biotechnology.